Brigette Hyacinth

Leadership Expert & Author

Right now, the HR industry is caught in a staring contest with the digital revolution. The problem is that artificial intelligence doesn’t need to blink, while we most definitely have to. But before we do so, we need to open our eyes further to the HR transformation and understand where the ‘human’ aspect belongs in this discussion. Let Brigette Hyacinth guide you in this process at LEAP. As a leadership expert and author on HR, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, she will definitely inspire you.  

You may also know her as the author of:

  • The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • The Ultimate Leader: Learning and Leaving a Legacy of Hope
  • Purpose Driven Leadership: Building and Fostering Effective Teams
  • The Edge of Leadership: A Leader’s Handbook for Success

“We must never lose sight of the fact that humans are the essential link in this new age of automation. If you want to make a lasting impact, invest in people.”

Brigette Hyacinth


Putting back the Human in Human Resources: Creating Staffing Strategies That Work


Good talent seems to be in short supply today. Having the right skills is important for your business to meet strategic goals. How do you attract, develop and retain the right talent? In this presentation, you will learn steps for creating staffing strategies that work, how to build the best employer brand and how to go from reactive to strategic.

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Brigette Hyacinth
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