Top 10 reasons to take the LEAP

12 Dec 2019

Deep down each and every one of us knows that learning and developing as a professional is the only way to stay ahead of the game, but in HR & People Management it’s easy to forget that. 

We get stuck in preconceived notions and assume:

  • That we understand what our teams want and need

  • That we offer them the support they require

  • That they in turn give us their best professional selves

But that is almost never the case. Because people’s needs change, because people change and because we change, now more than ever. 

That’s why we always need to question the status quo in HR & People Management. Because we don’t actually know what our teams need from us. We might today, but tomorrow is a whole different game.

So if you’re curious why you should take the LEAP and attend 2020’s top HR & People Management festival, here are the top 10 reasons!

1. Revamp your employee relationships

At LEAP you will have the chance to meet and listen to Lucy Adams, Founder of Disruptive HR. In the past, Lucy has led numerous companies through turbulent periods, including the BBC, where she delivered significant organizational changes during her five-year tenure, becoming the company’s public image on numerous issues. Find out how she did it all this by redesigning classic employee relationships.

2. Power your team with the help of creativity

Fredrik Härén, LEAP’s next speaker, believes that creativity is important in every field and industry because it embraces differences and bridges borders. Listen to the well-known author and speaker talk about creativity and how you can use it in your company to power new ideas, raise employee satisfaction and improve results. 

3.  Discover your employer brand superpower

Regardless of your industry or field, Federica Leotta, Country Manager at Universum Italy and speaker at LEAP, will help you discover and develop your company’s employer brand superpower by sharing valuable insights from many organisations around the globe.

4. Find out who Romania’s Most Admired Employers are 

Federica Leotta will also be presenting Romania’s Most Admired Employers, an internationally acclaimed awards ceremony created by Universum Global, the leading experts in Employer Branding. The event will take place at LEAP for the very first time in Romania and will award companies based on the results of a complex survey that was completed by 20.000 professionals and students in the country. 

5. Meet 1.000 like-minded professionals

LEAP is also a fantastic opportunity for networking as the event will bring together 1.000 HR professionals and managers, all in one place.

6. Gain applicable knowledge in HR & People Management

One of the great things about LEAP is that it will focus on sharing applicable knowledge, not just “nice-to-have” ideas. Be prepared to leave the event packed full with great insights and information that you can put into practice in your company the very next day. 

7. Have a drink with the speakers

Fancy a drink or a coffee? Head to the bar, where you will find LEAP’s main stage speakers. Order your favorite drink and ask them any questions you’d like, in a one-on-one chat that’s completely new to the world of HR events.

8. Discover a mesmerizing venue

LEAP will take place on February 27th in Bucharest, at Face Convention Center, a conference venue like you’ve never seen before. Its lush ambience, cutting-edge design and spectacular landscape will definitely inspire you. 

9.  Explore 5 innovative showcases

One of the novelties that LEAP brings to HR events is the showcase. Five companies will present their thought-provoking prototypes, services or products, designed especially to help you on your journey towards the team of your dreams. 

10. Extra 10% discount for +5 tickets

Bring your entire team or your company’s best managers and get an extra 10% discount for 5 or more tickets!

Stay tuned for more speakers and showcase announcements, but don’t forget to book your seat quickly! 

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