The secrets of People Management revealed

12 Dec 2019

Are you a manager, HR specialist or entrepreneur, who has to coordinate one or more teams every day? Then mark the 27th of February 2020 in your calendar and prepare to attend the boldest event dedicated to People Management in Romania!

Many people dream about becoming managers, “bosses”, and think how easy it must be to not have to answer to anyone else and not even have to work at all. But the reality is quite different. Because becoming a manager implies so many other responsibilities, such as:

  • Mediating misunderstandings between team members

  • Settling top management grievances

  • Taking on the burden of mistakes made by the entire team

  • Plus countless others…

Moreover, you, the manager, have to be the person who finds the right balance between getting results and ensuring your team’s happiness. Because, as we all know, happy employees are more productive, involved, passionate, innovative and stable.  But how do you do that? How do you find that perfect balance when people are usually so unpredictable?

The first part of that answer will be waiting for you on February 27th 2020 at LEAP, the most daring event dedicated to People Management. 

What should you expect from LEAP?

The festival, organized by eJobs, aims to innovate the classic structure of business events in this industry through its practical mission. At LEAP you are invited to:

  • LEARN new techniques in People Management from top thinkers

  • EXPLORE unconventional methods in recruitment & retention

  • APPLY the best practices and solutions in the field

  • PLAY along your leadership journey 

Find out more about the speakers currently announced and the event agenda on and don’t forget to book your tickets! Early Bird ends December 21st, but you can still get 20% off if you’re an eJobs client. Just ask your eJobs Account Manager for more details! Also, if you buy five or more tickets (for you and your team), you get an extra 10% discount → Buy LEAP tickets

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